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The Living Room Playhouse

(Whole) Canada   Capacity: 53    Share/Link to this page
Venue The Living Room Playhouse (Whole) Canada
The Living Room Playhouse is a cozy theatre space better known to many of the Azimuth Theatre. It`s located in the old warehouse district north of Downtown and occupies and old Depression Era block with Blue Sky`s Art Lofts, Bohemia Cafe and many other independent businesses.

In the winter of 2007, The Living Room Playhouse had a major face lift updating our lobby, bathroom, and green room. The facility is one of the most utilized in our city due to its functionality and affordability.

Be​ing a 53 seat venue, we have a unique capability to host a variety of events. From Corporate Seminars to an Indie Band Night. Theatre events and promotional meetings. We can cater to your event style in our venue. Keep an eye out on this page for updates, shows, and news!

Stage and Lighting Facilities: The stage is 15 feet deep and 25 feet wide. There is fixed seating on three sides in two rows except stage left which has three rows which creates a very adult atmosphere. The seats were previously from the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium and are incredibly comfortable. There is some wing space on either side. No curtain rails are currently installed but there is a false wall upstage and flats dividing off the wings.

The Tech Booth is located downstage left and is elevated by 16`. There is a 1248 ETC Smartfade attached to a 12 channel dimmer via DMX. For sound, we have an Allen & Heath WZ16-2DX Mix Wizard Mixer attached to 2 SRM450v2 15` Mackies and 2 SRM1801 18` bass bins.

We have 10 Fresnel flood lights and 6 Source Four Juniors available. All accessories and gels are available as well.

The green room is 10 feet by 10 feet and has bathroom access, a sink and coat rack as well as cupboards and a microwave.

The lobby is very comfortable and furnished much like a living room. Couches, a couple tables and a home stereo make you feel very much at home. The lobby is large and spacious and can accommodate up to 100 people.

We like..: We love the size. This is the Living Room Playhouse`s main characteristic feature that has made many audience members and performers fall in love with the space. This is an incredibly versatile space allowing of any event be it theatre, live music or workshops.

We are not over keen on..: The only issue we really have is the one bathroom. This is easily overcome by setting up a porta-potti outside and that`s about it!

Last updated: 16/10/2011
Venue The Living Room Playhouse (Whole) Canada Venue The Living Room Playhouse (Whole) Canada Venue The Living Room Playhouse (Whole) Canada

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