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(Whole) UK   Capacity: 270    Share/Link to this page
Venue TABÚ LOUNGE  formally THE CARTOON (Whole) UK
The TABÚ Lounge formally THE CARTOON CLUB, famous for LIVE music in Croydon. It is now run as just a nightclub and I`m looking to bring it back to the glory days of it being also a LIVE MUSIC VENUE, the likes of Jimmy Hendrix played here before so it`s Legendary!!

Stage and Lighting Facilities: We are equip with a good sized stage, we do have a nice sound system, not too sure it`s suitable for a live band, but any professional sound engineer will be able to work it out!!

We like..: Music of all sorts and origin

We are not over keen on..: Trouble makers and those who aren`t open to accept music in any form as ART.

Last updated: 27/10/2012
Venue TABÚ LOUNGE  formally THE CARTOON (Whole) UK

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