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The Live Room

South East England   Capacity: 200    Share/Link to this page
Venue The Live Room South East England
We are home to some of the finest live music around, comedy nights, burlesque and show all major televised sporting events in High Definition!

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Stage and Lighting Facilities: THE LIVE ROOM: KIT, HOUSE RULES & FAQ`s
(Please Read. Very Important!)


House Kit - SONOR Force 2005 - Birch Shell Drum Kit (10` Rack, 12` Rack, 14` Floor, 20` Bass)
You must use the house kit that is provided. We will only provide the Kit & Hardware. You must bring your own breakables i.e. Cymbals, Snare, Kick Pedal & Additional Hardware should you need it. YOU MUST ALSO BRING YOUR OWN HI-HAT CLAMP. This is to ensure that changeover of acts is as smooth as possible. If you insist on using your own kit then you must allow the other acts to use it as well. In the eventuality that there is more than one act that insist on bringing their own kit then the Headline will get first refusal, then Support 1, then Support 2. The rule regarding breakables still applies and you must always bring your own!

House Bass Amp - HARTKE A100 Kickback Combo
You may use our bass amp, bring your own or DI straight in.

House Guitar Amp - MARSHALL MG250 Transistor Combo with Footswitch
You May use our guitar amp or bring your own.

Mics - SM58`s, SM57`s & an AKG Drum Pack
If you wish to use your own microphones or require a large amount please let us know.

W​e will provide lighting and effects for you. If you are going for a particular feel or mood please speak to our engineer on the night.

​We will provide monitors. If you have an in-ear monitoring system please notify our engineer when you arrive.

Leads, Sticks And Picks
Don`t be crazy, we do not provide these things and if you ask us for them you will be ridiculed in public... possibly using some sort of out of date fruit! :)

Stage Store
All of your equipment is to be stored in our stage store when not in use. PLEASE NOTE: The Live Room will not be held responsible for any of your equipment while it is on our premises including damage, theft or superficial marking.


The `Artist Entrance` is to the rear of the venue.

6:00pm Sound Engineer Arrives / Headline Arrive
6:30pm Head​line Sound Check / Support 1 Arrive
6:50pm Supp​ort 1 Sound Check / Support 2 Arrive
7:10pm Supp​ort 2 Sound Check

8:45pm Supp​ort 2 Start
9:15pm Suppo​rt 2 Finish
9:30pm Supp​ort 1 Start
10:00pm Support 1 Finish
10:15pm Headline Start
11:00pm Headl​ine Finish
12:45am Last Orders
1:00am Time


We provide sound engineers to all of our original artists. If you have your own engineer we are more than happy for you to use them but they will be supervised by our engineer and as the responsibility of our equipment is ultimately that of OUR engineer, your engineer must adhere to their direction.


The subject of money for artists is often an awkward one. Here at The Live Room we have a very simple and straight forward policy relating to payments for performance. We have a cover charge on our door of £3. There will be a member of staff on the door throughout the night taking the cover charge and asking who customers are here to see. For every tick your band gets, you will receive £3. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT TAKE A SINGLE PENNY OF THE DOOR MONEY. Ergo, the more people who say they have come to see you, the more money you will make. In addition, for any `walk-ins` who are not associated with a particular band, you will receive an equal portion with the other acts performing that night.


Upon arrival at the venue you will be given an artists wrist band that you must wear at all times while on the premises. Apart from letting our staff know that you are in one of the bands, it will also grant you access to free soft drinks from the bar. (This does not include Bottled Water or Red Bull).

You may purchase alcoholic beverages from the bar before during and after your set. Please note that the rules we apply to our customers regarding the consumption of alcohol are also applied to the musicians. If you are considered to be drunk & disorderly you will be asked to leave.

We do NOT tolerate the use of drugs in or around our premises and anyone found holding or using them will be ejected from the premises and the police may be notified.


Unfor​tunately parking is a difficulty at our venue and street parking is the only option. DO NOT PARK ALONG THE SIDE OF THE VENUE AS PRIVATE CLAMPERS OPERATE. You can load in through the back door but a member of your band must stay with the vehicle at all times. The Live Room will not be held responsible for any parking fines/charges you may incur.

We like..: Everything that is good! :)

We are not over keen on..: Anything that is bad! :(

Last updated: 02/09/2010

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