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Music Photography (Live & Promo Photography)

South East England    Share/Link to this page
I am a London based music Photographer and Videographer and am experienced in shooting various musical artists. I work on live and promotional shoots and am always excited to meet and collaborate with new artists. I think that it is imperative to produce the right imagery in this digital age. Visual work that en amours and captures the viewers attention and represents the musical artists vision and in turn reflects their music is an invaluable tool to possess.

I am experienced in working with various sized budgets and can accommodate most artists’ needs within their funds.

Previous clients include: Sunday Best Records, 2000 Trees Festival, World Music City Village Festival, Gravid Hands Records, Justin Robertson, Trashed Management, Break the Noise Magazine. I have also photographed Tom Baxter, Penguin Cafe Orchestra and Tesseract live in London.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Last updated: 14/09/2012
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    • inforesource me upalxjones.co.uk
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  • Contact: Alex Jones
  • Phone: 07947423935

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