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How to use this page:
This page is built using the GoogleMaps API, The Idea is that you can zoom in on an area you are interested in and the list of Bands and Venues will be filtered by the viewable area of the map.
    How to manipulate the Map...
  • Move - Either by dragging the map around with the mouse or using the controls in the top left hand corner of the map.
  • Zoom - Left Double Click Zooms in on the click point, Right double click zooms out from the click point... or using the controls in the top left hand corner of the map.
  • Information -
    Click on a Band or
    Venue from the lists or
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About this site:
BandMeUp is a free resource to enable Bands and Artists to find Venues (Local and across the UK).
It also allows Venue owners and Music Event Organisers to find Bands and Artists in the same way.
Just Register your Band or Venue on this site and other users will be able to search by a variety of methods including zooming into a region of a Map of the UK. contains a directory listing enabling UK Bands and Artists to find Venues and Venue owners and Music Event Organisers to find Bands locally and across the UK. A great resource if you're looking to find live bands or great live music venues.

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Are you looking for live music venues

BandMeUp is the place to search if you're looking for live music venues Gigs, Venues, Bands - they're all here.

Wanting to book bands?

BandMeUp is the place to search if you're wanting to book bands anywhere. We have a searchable list of local bands.

Looking for Gigs?

If you're looking for gigs anywhere in the world, we have a searchable list of live music venues so you can find a local gig or any great live music venue. modern band looking for venues vilamoura Korea (Republic of) live music acoustic venue looking for bands lagoa South Africa music live music lagos Moldova search traditional Thanksgiving Day tavira Vietnam search irish band looking for venues loule Netherlands scottish venue looking for bands faro Uganda wedding live music alvor Thailand extensive Thanksgiving Day portimao UK repertoire band looking for venues armacao Peru death venue looking for bands pera Finland
and metal live music spain Macedonia mature Thanksgiving Day north myrtle Greece venue indie band looking for venues beach Italy feel venue looking for bands tabor Ecuador and with live music upper Latvia band rocky Thanksgiving Day conway Turkey undertones band looking for venues lower Switzerland live music fused venue looking for bands aynor South Korea together live music downey DRC Congo classic Thanksgiving Day long beach England search taste band looking for venues downtown Argentina
. gigs covers venue looking for bands anaheim Israel. gigs beatles live music warwick Wales tribute Thanksgiving Day leamington Gambia punk band looking for venues coventry Singapore hardcore venue looking for bands stratford USA with wave live music upon Nigeria. gigs pop Thanksgiving Day avon Poland venue dark band looking for venues wolverhampton Australia hard venue looking for bands birmingham Philippines and rock live music ventura Austria band goth Thanksgiving Day los angeles France
with alternative band looking for venues santa Slovenia venue rock n roll venue looking for bands barbara Slovakia live music blues live music camarillo Iran brothers Thanksgiving Day san louis Bulgaria soul band looking for venues obisbo Senegal. gigs motown venue looking for bands europe Portugal. gigs screamo live music italy Scotland some Thanksgiving Day switzerland Russia people band looking for venues france China with would venue looking for bands germany Northern Ireland search call live music poland Indonesia
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swing venue looking for bands watford Ukraine

live music - bands venues promoters managers by region live musicians wanted or required
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bands by style Thanksgiving Day live music venue looking for bands band looking for venues

band looking for venues venue looking for bands live music Thanksgiving Day

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