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Bands in or near Poughkeepsie

Find Bands local to poughkeepsie - Support Live Music.
A free resource to enable Venue owners and Music Event Organisers to find Bands and Artists in or near poughkeepsie.
13 Bands Found.

Buckeye RoosterNew York NY, USA
formed on the banks of the hudson river, buckeye rooster takes traditional bluegrass and makes is accessible to the average person....4 part vocal harmonies, with a twist. original music as well as t...
Last updated: 02/12/2015

Avid RoxBand Avid Rox New York NY USANew York NY, USA
avid rox is a four piece band from upstate new york. our band has a vast list of sub-genres throughout the rock genre which we play, explore, or at least are interested in. we like to experiment, with...
Last updated: 21/04/2010

Greg Smith and The Broken EnglishNew York NY, USA
greg smith and the broken english combine rock, folk, country and soul to deliver catchy and compelling songs with gritty, down to earth, boot stomping enthusiasm. reminiscent of bruce springsteen and...
Last updated: 28/03/2010

True WitnessBand True Witness New Jersey NJ USANew Jersey NJ, USA
true witness is an alternative rock band from new york. true witness lyrics are very positive and inspirational. we have two released cd`s, origins and once in time, and will be releasing our third cd...
Last updated: 05/02/2010

Black Mountain SymphonyNew York NY, USA
black mountain symphony showcases an eclectic range of influences, blended together to create their own special sound. from haunting folk-tinged ballads to rocking dance numbers, the five-piece band s...
Last updated: 11/01/2010

We Still BelieveNew York NY, USA
dover plains ,ny...
Last updated: 23/09/2009

Audio OpiumNew York NY, USA
we sound like our fucking selves. thats why we`re so damn good, because we`ve blended our influences and it sounds terrific. the band`s music website, `http:/​/​www,myspace.com/​theaudiopium`, was create...
Last updated: 10/04/2009

Bill`s ToupeeNew York NY, USA
bill`s toupee. for over 10 years the hudson valley’s most recommended wedding band by caterers, photographers, brides & grooms. • a five-piece dance/​cover band with 5 vocalists performing generations...
Last updated: 01/04/2009

The Anti-JobBand The Anti-Job (Country Wide) USA(Country Wide), USA
we are the anti-job! this indie,psychedelic and punk influenced band is one of the newest and hottest sounds from new york. with eclectic vocals and virtuosic riffs the anti-job screams like : a sp...
Last updated: 23/12/2008

Amanda JonesBand Amanda Jones New York NY USANew York NY, USA
amanda jones is a young passionate guitarist, whose energy and eclectic vibe stimulates any audience. her music screams with fervor as she sings about life and living. her sound is a kaleidoscope, mim...
Last updated: 10/08/2008

ParanoiaNew York NY, USA
paranoia as a band feels that much of the music scene today totally lacks passion, true expression, and feeling. we write and play music to express, heal, create, and most of all, to have fun doing...
Last updated: 26/04/2008

GrundyBand Grundy New York NY USANew York NY, USA
a mixed bag full of blues, garage rock, grunge, classic rock, alternative, and anything that your little hearts desire...
Last updated: 09/04/2008

AmalgamaBand Amalgama New York NY USANew York NY, USA
4 piece old school heavy metal band out of albany ny...
Last updated: 06/02/2008

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