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Bands in or near Jakarta

Find Bands local to jakarta - Support Live Music.
A free resource to enable Venue owners and Music Event Organisers to find Bands and Artists in or near jakarta.
21 Bands Found.

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REVIVAL BandBand REVIVAL Band (Whole) IndonesiaIndonesia
country and all round music...
Last updated: 18/01/2016

ZirconiaBand Zirconia (Whole) MalaysiaMalaysia
we looking for gigs.. mostly rock show.. 30 minutes set to 60 minutes set each show.....
Last updated: 07/04/2015

The RedBand The Red (Whole) IndonesiaIndonesia
we introduce the shade of management duo the red personnel from indonesia, has now completed the first hit single `spirit child affairs` personnel :(vocal) anggra #born:tegal,11 januari 1985- (guitars...
Last updated: 21/11/2013

Syndrome SystemBand Syndrome System (Whole) IndonesiaIndonesia
when the music became a syndrome (disease) and integrates with our brains system, then it becomes a piece of music which can be transmitted through the ear of one person spread all ears and unwittingl...
Last updated: 07/03/2012

Senno & Miracle BandIndonesia
with a very wide range of song’s reportoire, from the vintage 50’s songs to the latest top 40’s songs on all music genre, `miracle band` never stop maintaining & yet always advancing the quality in mu...
Last updated: 11/02/2012

animuse is a metalcore band from jakarta, indonesia and found in 2007, consist of 6 peoples with a same vision and mission. there are so much dramas in us to build this band, we are really struggle an...
Last updated: 19/01/2012

BallerinaBand Ballerina (Whole) IndonesiaIndonesia
ballerina formed on april 9, 2011. we chose a name as a dancer ballerina because symbolize that trying to tell a message through movement accompanied by music, because no single person who does not lo...
Last updated: 10/10/2011

Ampm BandIndonesia
top 40,rock,raggae,dance music...
Last updated: 06/09/2011

NATALIE (Negative Attitude Is Not A Little Effort)Band NATALIE (Negative Attitude Is Not A Little Effort) (Whole) IndonesiaIndonesia
natalie took its first breath in 2006 in the marvelous town jakarta. their sound was a revitalizing blend of punk and acoustic rock. you may be thinking this is something you’ve heard before, right? w...
Last updated: 04/10/2010

CapgotunBand Capgotun (Whole) IndonesiaIndonesia
capgotun are an indonesian rock band from jakarta,formed in 2001. part of the post-punk revival movement. capgotun draw their influences from music styles of the 1980s. the band consists of aron ( vo...
Last updated: 14/09/2010

The Leaky DiamondBand The Leaky Diamond (Whole) IndonesiaIndonesia
psychedelic folk, shoegaze, electro-acoustic. i am an american singer/​songwriter that likes my bloody valentine, the cure, cocteau twins, red house painters, sigur ros, muse, smashing pumpkins, etc.....
Last updated: 05/09/2010

Monday 123Indonesia
kami band dari jakarta selatan yang terdiri dari anak` sma, lagu-lagu kami merupakan aliran pop jazz dan sekarang sudah memiliki 2 lagu sendiri, dengan vocal kami reza, bassist daniel, drummer diandra...
Last updated: 27/04/2010

the apathiesIndonesia
the apathies is punkrock band from indonesia since 2004 and has a 2 demos , 1 album in 2007 called `deep inside the community`, this was released in malang city indonesia....
Last updated: 17/04/2010

bittinBand bittin (Whole) IndonesiaIndonesia
we`re just want`em all 2 know...
Last updated: 08/04/2010

ERON & everyoneBand ERON & everyone (Whole) IndonesiaIndonesia
pop reggae new wave...
Last updated: 04/02/2010

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