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Thousand Needles    (Members: 4)    (Whole) Indonesia
jakarta... more
NATALIE (Negative Attitude Is Not A Little Effort)    (Members: 4)    (Whole) Indonesia
punk / rock / grunge Jakarta... more
Syndrome System    (Members: 5)    (Whole) Indonesia
jakarta... more
palm21    (Members: 3)    Victoria Australia
Electro Disco Rock jakarta id... more
REVIVAL Band    (Members: 6)    (Whole) Indonesia
Country and all round Jakarta... more
Monday 123    (Members: 4)    (Whole) Indonesia
Pop Jazz ITC Fatmawati jakarta selatan... more
Animuse    (Members: 6)    (Whole) Indonesia
Metal Core - Modern Rock Jakarta... more
The Firm    (Members: 6)    (Whole) Indonesia
pop retro East Jakarta - Indonesia... more
cross over beat band    (Members: 1)    (Whole) Malaysia
hip-hop,RnB,rock Indonesia-Jakarta-Bali... more
dojihatori    (Members: 5)    (Whole) Malaysia
Indie Jakarta... more
Capgotun    (Members: 1)    (Whole) Indonesia
indie rock / new wave dki jakarta... more
Flash    (Members: 8)    (Whole) Indonesia
Rock, Classic Disco, Party jakarta... more
the apathies    (Members: 3)    (Whole) Indonesia
freestyle jakarta,bandung,semarang,surabaya,malang​,denpasar bali... more
The Red    (Members: 2)    (Whole) Indonesia
Rockin Jakarta City... more
ERON & everyone    (Members: 1)    (Whole) Indonesia
Pop Reggae New Wave Jakarta... more


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