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Kathy McClary    (Members: 1)    Florida FL USA
Kathy McClary is a dynamic, innovative, and inspiring singer, songwriter, and musician whose on the cutting-edge of today`s christian, gospel music scene. She`s recognized for her unmatched ability to touch the heart of God and minister to people. Her unique music style crosses cultural, denominational, and generational barriers bringing a candid and fresh approach to entering Godís presence. ... more

Bazerk    (Members: 5)    California CA USA
the best unsign sickest band in los angeles winners of all kinds of contest battle of the bands and turn out shows, from south central la home of the nwa comes a brand new sound and style, compare to rage against the machine says writers.the early days of public enemy living colour.... more

Veronica Elaine    (Members: 1)    California CA USA
Hip-soul singer. My sound has been described as: soulful but sexy, modern/sensual, beautiful & possessing a sound full of comfort!! ... more

Below 51    (Members: 4)    California CA USA
We are a band from Inglewood California, we have had many bassist and none that really stuck with us, we have currently added a new bassist and we will see how it works out. We are looking to promote our band and try to get some shows, we`ve been together for about 10 months and have played around seven shows. We haven`t really been able to record our music but if anyone is interested we can send you a video of ourselves playing.... more

Social Conflict    (Members: 4)    California CA USA
We are a 4 piece Los Angeles Experimental Punk / Rock band, and we have been together for 13 years now.... more

Blaze    (Members: 1)    Florida FL USA
Heriberto G. Casanova (BLAZE). Watching titans such as Nas, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Bonethugs N Harmony, DMX, Eminem, and Jay-Z made him realize what he was destined to be. Writing poetry since the age of 7, it wasn`t until he was 9 years old that BLAZE wrote his first rhyme. He feeds off of anything he sees, hears or feels and applies it to his craft. Music is more than a passion to BLAZE, it is second nature to him. At the age of 16 he came across a producer by the name of `Element` that just so happened to be located near his area. He`s taken it upon himself to find an engineer, photograph... more

Mother Echo    (Members: 3)    (Country Wide) USA
Mother Echo comes from the vast musical melting pot of Los Angeles. They infuse pieces of the alternative, reggae, punk, spanish and even funk scenes and make it all their own. Members developed their talents through different musical projects and have collectively played together for a year. Each member played the circuit in downtown hol- lywood including (The Whisky, The Palace, The Cat Club, The Joint) and now together with these experiences are engaging on their first tour of the east coast. Bringing with them unique & new blends from the music mecca. A sound of everything for everyone. A... more

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