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Scratch Card Winners

(Whole) India   Members: 3    Share/Link to this page
Band Scratch Card Winners (Whole) India
The Cards from Bangalore is a 3 member power trio band which plays infused rock typically known as rock and roll.
Punk plays a heavy part in the way music is written and played by the band.
Being one of the few surviving punk bands in the city has its necessary advantages and disadvantages.

So put on headphone, crank up the volume and switch to the louder side up.

The band has the ever so charismatic GD (ex 21st Rebel Street ,Chandigarh) doing the bass thingy and backing vocals. He is the guy who actually moves in his 2000 model zen and travels all 20 kms to the jam. Yeah to his super scratched car.=P

Zoe (Ex String Sick/Greenroom Boxes) is the front man singer and guitarist of the Cards. Being from the musical background of the North East India and playing punk music to a scene which barely had any ,since 06. Never Say Die Attitude and the music writer/composer for the band.

Shashi , the youngest member of the band is also actually the tallest in the band. And he shines tall with his fast pick rolls and beats. An amazing find for the band and one of the finest original punk drummers in Bangalore. He is the one and only Shahsi the Mighty.

Caution : Exercise caution when listening to this band. Use Ear Plugs as the music might damage your ears.

SCW are :

Zoe : Vocals and guitars
GD : Bass guitars
Shashi : Drums

Style: Card Punk/Post Punk

Other Info: Sex Punk

Last updated: 08/05/2010
Band Scratch Card Winners (Whole) India
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    • scratchcardwinnersband me upgmail.com
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  • Contact: Zoe
  • Phone: +91-9844692717
  • Near: bangalore

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