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South Ireland   Members: 6    Share/Link to this page
Band d-n-a South Ireland
D-N-A is a Dublin based Rock band of the old school style, made up of musicians from the not so desirable areas of Dublin. The best way to describe this band is Sleazy Rock. With influences like Zeppelin, G`N`R , AC/DC (you get the idea) and a love for the Drink, the enjoyment of being in a band and a need to play. D-N-A wear their hearts on their sleeves and work hard for that moment on stage. A live band who truly live to play.
Fronted by Keith McCann, The ex-Biker bar man in Eamon Doran’s, With Gaz O`Keeffe on Guitar,Paul Walker on guitar & vocals Anto Burn floating around on a Bass (and other things) with Glenn Tyler on drums and percussion this is a hard rock band that live to Rock HARD!!!!!!!

Style: Rock, Hard Rock, Sleazy Rock

Other Info: Formed in its current state in late 2008 by Keith, Gaz and Anto, D-N-A are the evolution of an ongoing dream. To write and play our own songs in our own way! When the line up was completed by Glen Tyler on drums (early 09) and Paul walker on guitar (mid 09) the band immediately went to work on refining there energetic rock and roll live show to promote their first offering to world, their soon to be released Debut single `Deprived`.

D-N-A as a band believe that with in their line up they have all the tools to write, record and release as well as promote all their own material. They are a hard working rock band with one dream, to sustain an income that can support their lives and families, They don’t want to be superstars, they don’t want a team of record executives telling them what they can and can’t do. All they want is to play their songs to like minded people who are sick of the popular music we are all force fed.
They are a hard rock band, that like to rock hard above everything else. Currently self shooting their first video to go with there first single release while working on recording their debut album “Dedicated Addiction!” The single will be available for down load in all good music download stores and at our gigs and the video will be available on you-tube and all the bands many internet hang outs via reverbnation.
They don’t have any fancy directors or big budgets for this video shoot but they do have talent, as one listen to their very unique music will tell you! enough talent to pull this off. So If your sick of pop rock bands claiming to be a rock band, or one man and an acoustic approach and miss the days when a rock band fucking rocked... check out their shows and keep in touch.
`Its all about having a good time, no matter what the man tells us the financal climate is. We didn’t cause any financal recession and fucked if we are letting it get us down.` Rock is back, and its in your D-N-A!

Last updated: 12/12/2009

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