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Same Jane

North Scotland   Members: 4    Share/Link to this page
Same Jane are a 4 piece band based in and around Perth. Our sound is largely rock and blues based. We are proud to say we are something a bit different from the crowd of metalheads, indie kids and pop-punks.

Style: Dirty, Grity Rock `n` Roll!
What More Do You Want?!

Other Info:
`Same Jane deliver rock to standard I have not heard in years, a band not to be missed!”

`Motorhe​ad must`ve wrote no class about these guys`

`They play the same way to a crowd of 20 people as they would to a crowd of 20,000... it`s 110% always`

`...the guitars take the high ground and the band explode into a surging metal lurch, the vocals spat out above it all.`

`..vocals tend to be more of a holler but still `sung`..`

` ..a cross between Alabama 3 and Alex Harvey Band`

Last updated: 24/09/2011
  • Email:
    • kyle406band me uphotmail.co.uk
  • Web:
  • Contact: Kyle Mcpherson
  • Phone:
  • Near: dundee

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