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The Common Threat

Virginia VA USA   Members: 4    Share/Link to this page
Band The Common Threat Virginia VA USA
The Common Threat, a four-piece band from the Washington D.C. metro area, is creating a buzz in the music scene with their mix of hip-hop, rock, and punk. Their style of music is fueled by a political agenda, which is to bring to light the issues in today`s society such as poverty and corruption. This agenda is captured in the aggressive nature of the music and propelled further by vocalist Mark Longhelt through his lyrics. The guitarist, Van Pinnix, brings a combination of hard-hitting riffs and intricate melodies to the music. Bassist Greg Shoenig`s funk style and drummer Nate Hoffman`s precision pushes the dangerously infectious drive at the core of the band`s sound. Their music has been compared to bands such as Rage Against The Machine and P.O.D. Since the bands inception in 2007, The Common Threat has become a major player in the D.C. metro area. Their loyal fan base, new fans, and even other bands continue to follow The Common Threat throughout the area to see them perform. Watching the band perform live is an experience in it`s self. A shock wave of sound and energy hits you as they start to play and music fills the venue. Even if you are not the type of person to move to music you will find yourself doing so to the sound of The Common Threat. The Common Threat takes the stage with staggering consistency and has played with such bands as Dreaming Of Eden, BOB, Crazy Anglos, Uncrowned, Sematic, Me Versus The Monster, Celebrity Gunfight, and Diemanic to name a few. They are currently planning a summer tour that will stretch from East Coast from New York to North Carolina. A full-length album is to be released in September of 2008.

Style: rock/hip-hop/punk mix

Last updated: 29/06/2008
Band The Common Threat Virginia VA USA Band The Common Threat Virginia VA USA

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