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the 66

North West England   Members: 5    Share/Link to this page
Band the 66 North West England
Formed at the back end of 2007 under a cloud of secrecy with a plan for world domination, a twist of fate saw `the 66` conquer the 2007 clothes show at the Birmingham N.E.C on their third gig, that`s along way from Kansas Dorothy. 2008 is BIG, about to get a whole lot BIGGER!

We prefer to let our music and other people blow the smoke x


`They have the look; the mod-ish fusion of the stylish 60s and a pre-Madchester Stone Roses. They also have the tunes to match` – Editor, ManchesterMusic.co.u​k

`The bands Myspace page reads `Good evening Wembley!`, and I think they`re only half joking; there`s just something about these lads that says `Massive` – Excerpt from Maps Festival Review, Cath Aubergine, MM

`From The Verve influence in City of Culture through to the Led Zeppelin-esque Rise, this band make music that will surely fill venues far larger than Moho in Manchester, if there is any justice at all.` - Mike Nuttall - www.allgigs.co.uk

“Whilst the roots of the City’s last big scene date back almost two decades The 66 are the sound of today’s next generation.

`City Of Culture` is maybe the band’s theme tune, made up of staccato guitar strums and possibly the best use of whistling on a rock song` – Simon Brown, EP Review, MM

`The 66 are pure class. Don’t turn off that dial!` - Clint Boon (XFM music response)

Style: rock/garage/indie and psychedelic

Last updated: 19/06/2008

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