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Headless Deathwish

(Whole) Switzerland   Members: 2    Share/Link to this page
Death metal project and band in need of musicians.I play guitar and/or bass and have an interested vocalist at present in Switzerland..Christi​anity is the heart and motivation of the project.10 albums written so far,with many an extreme title and theme.Vast range of subject-matters from the Bible,from history,from today`s world,from personal experiences.Need commitment,and am more than willing to travel to meet musicians away from Britain.AM based in Switzerland now.My other project is a power metal one called Aqaba Gulf,also in the same position of needing more players.It has been registered on this site..Aims are to spread the Gospel message,stand up for my beliefs without forcing them,spit in the face of evil(while still loving people)-whether it makes me popular or not.

Style: Melodic,technical,Mi​ddle-Eastern influenced Death Metal.Lyrical themes:Christianity,​Old Testament Law,Real Deaths,Controversial Issues

Last updated: 03/10/2017
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