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Headless Deathwish

Midlands England   Members: 2    Share/Link to this page
Death metal project and band in need of musicians.I play guitar and/or bass and have an interested vocalist at present in Switzerland..Christi​anity is the heart and motivation of the project.10 albums written so far,with many an extreme title and theme.Vast range of subject-matters from the Bible,from history,from today`s world,from personal experiences.Need commitment,and am more than willing to travel to meet musicians away from Britain.MAY be based in Switzerland soon.My other project is a power metal one called Aqaba Gulf,also in the same position of needing more players.It has been registered on this site.If not Swit the other likely country I`ll be living in is Italy.Aims are to spread the Gospel message,stand up for my beliefs without forcing them,spit in the face of evil(while still loving people)-whether it makes me popular or not.

Style: Melodic,technical,Mi​ddle-Eastern influenced Death Metal.Lyrical themes:Christianity,​Old Testament Law,Real Deaths,Controversial Issues

Other Info: New website for this project and Aqaba Gulf is currently being set up.Should be live real soon,before the spring of 2017.

Last updated: 05/08/2017

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