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Renato Mondele & Lokito Ya Congo

(Whole) UK   Members: 6    Share/Link to this page
Band Renato Mondele & Lokito Ya Congo (Whole) UK
Lokito Ya Congo was founded by the Congolese multi-instrumentalis​t: Renato Mondele in 2001 to promote soukous (also known as Congolese rumba or ndombolo), the popular music style of his homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Soukous is both a popular music and dance style, originating from the tribal musics and dances of the region. It is considered the ultimate modern music stlye in Africa, that has influenced bands in several countries in the continent. If you mention `Congolese soukous` in Central Africa, people will be able to indentify it right away due to its well-known vibrant melodies and unsophisticated African ambiance.

Our band is based in London. Since its foundation, we have released CDs, have been invited to concerts all over the UK, from smaller events to bigger festivals, and helped talented individuals in Africa to find their way into the music business. Our members have expertness in the style they mastered, many of us played in other bands of Congo, too, that gained international popularity as well, like General Defao & The Big Stars and Kanda Bongo Man.

Lokito Ya Congo is devoted to introduce to you the essence of the vast musical heritage from Central Africa, that is made possible by the experience our members gained on stage during the years.

We play at Maestro Bar, 45 Deptford Broadway, SE8 4PH, London, every Friday and Sunday. If you don’t know yet what a Central African club night event is like, don`t hesitate to pay a visit to us.

We also have a website, where you can read our history, a brief introduction of soukous, watch our videos recorded live in the UK and Africa, see photos of us from various stages of our career. Musicians will find information on obtaining tutorials on our music and we are ready to negotiate lessons for those who would like to learn to play this style. If you want to book a concert with our band, there you will be able to find the appropriate contact form for this purpose as well!

Looking forward to hear from you and meeting you on our concerts!

Style: afropop, soukous, nombolo, congolese

Last updated: 04/05/2015

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