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Bull Engine

(Whole) India   Members: 3    Share/Link to this page
Some people say they sound like, Creed yet some say they feel like, Nirvana!!
Some say they rock like, Alter bridge and some say they knock like Metallica!

We like to call them `Bull Engine`

‘Bull Engine’ came into play during the summers of 2008. The lineup consisted of 4 members and the entire gang was religiously influenced by ‘Nirvana’ and the psychedelic Grunge vibes.

After juggling through various shows and gigs around the town, the boys finally found their rhythm guitarist. However, the journey didn’t last for long and band landed back to the square one, with the trio (Parikshit, Yatin & Rohit). But now there was no more looking back! The trio decided to christen themselves by the name of “Bull Engine`.

The following next years from 2007-2008 the band started getting some fan following but there was still time for them to shine. Even though the band had already tuned out at “CRI-2007,” that still didn`t bring any luck. After a while the band moved into the “ground zero” zone and was inactive from January 2009 till July 2009.

The gong struck once again and this time with a bigger BANG! The boys got together and made a satisfactory comeback by winning “Battle of Bands at SRM” University, Ghaziabad. Immediately, the band pulled up their sock and put down the co*k* and schooled the town with their psychedelic number, by playing at various gigs. Not only did they gain attention but they started a revolution of their own. The journey of the fan followers began and the music and the love started to spread.

The band knew the time has come and the 3 men army deployed themselves on self compositions. Apart from their focus on improvising as musicians and still doing covers like Metallica, Nirvana, Bon-Jovi, Nickelback, Iron-Maiden, Alterbridge, G ’n’ R etc. the band had achieved a respectable position in the “Rock Charts of Delhi”.

Style: Rock, Alternate Rock, Grunge, Funk Rock

Last updated: 04/08/2011

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