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Find a Band - A free resource to enable Venue, Pub or Club owners and Music Event Organisers to find Bands and Artists. All genres - Rock, Blues, Jazz, County, Folk etc.
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KrakenBand Kraken South East EnglandSouth East, England
we`re a metalcore band from bracknell. we play a very unique live show and bring a great crowd....
Last updated: 01/03/2007

VirelaySouth East, England
two piece guitar driven female fronted band....
Last updated: 28/02/2007

InOffensiveMidlands, England
the finest modern and classic rock covers band in the midlands - simple as that really. great equipment, light show, great show. superb musicians and vocals, set includes ac/​dc to zeppelin....
Last updated: 28/02/2007

Chasing FridaySouth East, England
cover`s band. song`s ranging from the who to u2, queen and many other`s...
Last updated: 28/02/2007

ScrewlooseMidlands, England
screwloose, the staffordshire born four piece have been together now since the summer of 2005. matt (vox/​guitars), andy (vox/​guitars), rob (bass), and chris (drums) are well known for the energetic pe...
Last updated: 28/02/2007

Deception PointBand Deception Point (Whole) UKUK
we are a relatively popular rock/​metal band performing original material and well known covers to please all....
Last updated: 28/02/2007

The Six BarrelsBand The Six Barrels South East EnglandSouth East, England
southampton formed september 2006 taking inspiration from 60`s rock and psyche combined with more contempary influences like ride, bjm, brmc ect.....
Last updated: 28/02/2007

EvernextBand Evernext (Country Wide) USA(Country Wide), USA
entertainment presenters...
Last updated: 27/02/2007

theway is a rather esoteric fusion of many different styles and influences. this brings about a chaotic, but enjoyable listen when you kick back and turn up the volume. however, the focus on variation...
Last updated: 27/02/2007

KryophereSouth, Wales
a brutal 6 piece metal band from pembrokeshire, west wales. benn together and gigging for 2 yrs. members: joe t - guitar, tommy - guitar, bunny - bass, felix - drums, adam e - vocals, lewis b - vocal...
Last updated: 27/02/2007

VendettaBand Vendetta South East EnglandSouth East, England
vendetta formed in 1998 with six members to create a solid, rap metal outfit. countless gigs across venues in their home town of peterborough, have seen the band build up a strong and dedicated local...
Last updated: 27/02/2007

Stick Man ArmyNorth West, England
funky melodic indie ska punk...
Last updated: 26/02/2007

YellowDog(Country Wide), USA
original rock music. keys with southern vocals, two guitars with rock and modern rock vocals, creative drums, and bass. souns similiar to black crowes, the faces, radiohead...
Last updated: 26/02/2007

Sucking DieselSouth East, England
a hard hitting, highly skilled alternate rock/​metal band from hampshire. we play heavy, guitar driven riffs with melodic female vocals on top....
Last updated: 25/02/2007

Time to BreatheBand Time to Breathe Midlands EnglandMidlands, England
10 piece pink floyd tribute show, full p.a., and stunning lights /​ lasers make time to breathe a band not to be missed!...
Last updated: 24/02/2007

PolyrocketBand Polyrocket South East EnglandSouth East, England
“​…​…and like a phoenix from the ashes of past bands polyrocket rises into view”. a 6-piece rock band form southern uk, polyrocket are a blend of rock genres culminating in a sound that just can’t be p...
Last updated: 24/02/2007

QuebecBand Quebec South East EnglandSouth East, England
six piece country rock band (no we`re not a ye ha country & western band) own sound and lights system material by:- tom petty, keith urban, america, creedence...
Last updated: 24/02/2007

Androgen ChildMidlands, England
five piece band from staffordshire area fueled by all things fucked up and wild coming together and mixing styles to create a somewhat different sounding metal....
Last updated: 24/02/2007

Exhibition of Sound(Country Wide), USA
with the powerful voice of a beautiful siren and beat scientist at the helm, exhibition of sound (eos)is a visual and audio convergence of sweet vibes and electropop grooves melded with drum and bass,...
Last updated: 24/02/2007

Shoot The MoonBand Shoot The Moon South West EnglandSouth West, England
7 piece ska band. started out in 2006 with 4 members and grew in numbers with the addition of `team brass` influenced by bands such as reel big fish, the specials, madness, capdown, less than jake etc...
Last updated: 23/02/2007

13652 Bands Found     Page 668 of 683 

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