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Find a Band - A free resource to enable Venue, Pub or Club owners and Music Event Organisers to find Bands and Artists. All genres - Rock, Blues, Jazz, County, Folk etc.
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i say we steal this tvSouth East, England
a 6 piece from herts. joly - lead vox stu - guitar mark - synths & backing vox dan - guitar ryan - bass ben - drums...
Last updated: 20/03/2007

The AdvancedSouth East, England
electronic sci-fi music, replicated live via a keyboard installation. ethereal, ambient, sonic, industrial, technological, electronical - the music expands and contracts....
Last updated: 19/03/2007

GlavionBand Glavion South East EnglandSouth East, England
glavion are four musicians who all share a searing passion to write, play and perform music. drawing on a wide range of musical experiences and influences they have come together from across the globe...
Last updated: 19/03/2007

Joe Man HaterUK
5 piece indie noise band...
Last updated: 19/03/2007

CoaldustBand Coaldust South WalesSouth, Wales
4 piece metal band,looking for gigs around the u.k...
Last updated: 18/03/2007

originals, good quality musicians,...
Last updated: 18/03/2007

Ask SophieSouth East, England
we are a 4 piece band,,the sound we have is very unique and catchy,,we have played at a number of venues including one of the biggest venues in essex (the fat surfer all dayer)....
Last updated: 18/03/2007

The OdysseysMidlands, England
we are the odysseys, a 3 piece pop punk band from stoke-on-trent. jon- vocals brux- lead guitar will- bass si- drums...
Last updated: 18/03/2007

Fishnet ParachutesBand Fishnet Parachutes Midlands EnglandMidlands, England
we are a 5 peice ska band who play ska punk mixed with 2 tone and reggae. we have a unique sound and a large, ever growing fan base....
Last updated: 17/03/2007

Broken HourBand Broken Hour North East EnglandNorth East, England
trance/​ hardcore /​ metal band....
Last updated: 16/03/2007

GavaniBand Gavani South East EnglandSouth East, England
a pair of original writers playing music you can`t help but like....
Last updated: 16/03/2007

PrisBand Pris Midlands EnglandMidlands, England
a rag tag bunch of unassuming oddballs with a surprising and refreshing sound....
Last updated: 16/03/2007

Ringmer AvenueBand Ringmer Avenue South West EnglandSouth West, England
punk/​ rock/​ alternative band playing a good range of music from arctic monkeys to billy talent to ac/​dc and black sabbath! look out for our gigs and try to get along!...
Last updated: 15/03/2007

SandSNorth West, England
original classic rock music with an adult twist....
Last updated: 15/03/2007

The jojicsSouth West, England
we`re a young rock band from the south west. we all go to warminster school (in warminster, if u havn`t guessed). morgan lives in dilton marsh. piers lives in frome. tom lives in bath nd boards at sch...
Last updated: 15/03/2007

LavellionNorth East, England
a fusion of heavy metal and good old fashioned rock n roll...
Last updated: 14/03/2007

LathKillBand LathKill Midlands EnglandMidlands, England
all three members from derby, lathkill have only just re-formed to produce more catchy punk rock riffs. currently only playing gigs around derby, this time round lathkill plan to move on from what the...
Last updated: 14/03/2007

The Beehive ProjectNorth, Wales
a brithish rock & roll band, who`ll blow ya socks off, the next big thing....
Last updated: 14/03/2007

Flying lowBand Flying low South WalesSouth, Wales
back stab a lot, bitch about nearly everyone, and suck baddly. oh and we have a gig on the 24th, or if you want to see us sooner, we work on the street corners of cwmbran between 9pm-4am monday to fri...
Last updated: 14/03/2007

Die KurUK
die kur is pure music in industrial factor form, the highly recognized music from die kur is at the base of the strong reputation as pioneer of electronic music and experimental recordings though, for...
Last updated: 13/03/2007

13654 Bands Found     Page 664 of 683 

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