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Find a Band - A free resource to enable Venue, Pub or Club owners and Music Event Organisers to find Bands and Artists. All genres - Rock, Blues, Jazz, County, Folk etc.
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Reck`dBand Reck`d South WalesSouth, Wales
this is my friends` band. they`re a 5 piece thrash metal group from cardigan/​carmarthen area in west wales. currently unsigned but will be looking soon. darren walters - vocals kyle yuill - guitar ri...
Last updated: 26/07/2007

UpsideBand Upside Midlands EnglandMidlands, England
upside are a five-piece soul and rock band based in chesterfield and available to play at parties, pubs and functions. upside play music to suit the occassion, are happy to travel and welcome enquirie...
Last updated: 26/07/2007

FreeFallBand FreeFall North East EnglandNorth East, England
sheffield based heavy rock band, we play a mixture of original music 15+, but also a few covers of ac/​dc, black sabbath, etc............
Last updated: 26/07/2007

KlunkSouth East, England
mixing various styles and influences, klunk have created a sound described as a cross between black sabbath, audioslave and placebo. heavy guitars, funky bass & drums and emotive vocals make this four...
Last updated: 25/07/2007

The TogasBand The Togas North West EnglandNorth West, England
indie/​ rock/​alternative................... wigan based band! kick ass tunes and well developed lyrics based upon real life experiences. range of music styles brought upon by different tastes of music...
Last updated: 25/07/2007

Meanwood Valley RockersNorth East, England
50`s - 60`s rock n roll /​ rockabilly covers band with a few more modern hits. we will always get the crowd going. also get up and sing a song with us....
Last updated: 25/07/2007

we are a good time rock n roll band, aiming to bring back good time `drinking` rock n roll, and avoid this political screaming nonsense. we aim to put a bit of `friendly` rebel back into rock, and hop...
Last updated: 24/07/2007

rock/​pop/​indy band...
Last updated: 24/07/2007

we are in north kolkata - india band, we are performed since 2001 we performed many places, our music in our soul, we play rocking music...
Last updated: 24/07/2007

Stem CellBand Stem Cell South West EnglandSouth West, England
cross between spineshank, godsmack, machine head and in flames!...
Last updated: 23/07/2007

SOUL`d OUTSouth East, England
five piece band available to perform at all types of event. we perform popular soul, disco and soft rock songs from the last four decades. featured artists include sam & dave, stevie wonder, the commi...
Last updated: 23/07/2007

belmez(Country Wide), USA
seeking venues to perform at...
Last updated: 23/07/2007

Sticky PigSouth, Wales
we are a south wales 5 piece covers band who rock the place. consisting of drums, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, and vocalist. it is an all male group ... oh no our vocalist is a female and she can...
Last updated: 22/07/2007

Sound Supply ChainMidlands, England
pop duo - original material female singer/​guitarist/​bass, male keyboards...
Last updated: 21/07/2007

CentricaMidlands, England
5 piece band...
Last updated: 21/07/2007

The New StoriesUK
five piece rock band established since 2006....
Last updated: 19/07/2007

ShadowfaxBand Shadowfax South IrelandSouth, Ireland
metal/​hard rock band based in tipperary. currently touring the entire country with upcoming gigs in tipperary, kerry, dublin, kilkenny and many more....
Last updated: 19/07/2007

0wndBand 0wnd Midlands EnglandMidlands, England
0wnd are from whitchurch, shropshire and are considered a local “super band”. kev from schwarz herz, ali from systematic deception, matt from nation and pete from systematic deception along with glenn...
Last updated: 19/07/2007

Blake Brigmon(Country Wide), USA
singer/​songwriter/​guitarist writes original music from rock to acoustic ballads....
Last updated: 18/07/2007

HeD MuFFiNBand HeD MuFFiN South West EnglandSouth West, England
hed muffin are a metal band that metal at the academy of contemporary music in guildford. with diffrent music tastes and love for muffins they have made a cross genre that fans have named them selfs a...
Last updated: 17/07/2007

13652 Bands Found     Page 648 of 683 

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