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Find a Band, Wedding Bands, Rock Bands, Tribute Bands. - Support Live Music.
Find a Band - A free resource to enable Venue, Pub or Club owners and Music Event Organisers to find Bands and Artists. All genres - Rock, Blues, Jazz, County, Folk etc.
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coporialBand coporial North West EnglandNorth West, England
we are coporial our music style is a combination of rock/​metal/​blues featuring guitar harmonies solo`s and good old fashion sleazy rock n roll were currently looking for a new singer to take on the ro...
Last updated: 04/07/2009

maxxumSouth West, England
indie/​psychadelic fusion needs all band members to play and help develop current music...
Last updated: 03/07/2009

Seconds to SlaughterBand Seconds to Slaughter North East EnglandNorth East, England
metal/​death/​drind/​thrash from the midlands. just released our new album of recordings, `the night she bathed in leeches`. looking for shows and support slots all over the uk....
Last updated: 03/07/2009

Gina RaeBand Gina Rae North West EnglandNorth West, England
female vocalist/​entertainer. performing cover versions of cher, meatloaf, mowtown, carpenters, winehouse, and many more. i have worked in bands before going solo band work is an option, i have a few d...
Last updated: 03/07/2009

Mean Red SpiderBand Mean Red Spider Midlands EnglandMidlands, England
four piece blues and rock, covers and original...
Last updated: 03/07/2009

Basketball JonesOregon OR, USA
chillin it or killin it...
Last updated: 03/07/2009

MisfireBand Misfire Kansas KS USAKansas KS, USA
southern rock, americana...
Last updated: 02/07/2009

One Hand LooseUK
1950`s style rockabilly trio playing songs from artists such as eddie cochran, buddy holly, johnny cash, carl perkins etc....
Last updated: 02/07/2009

The Blues Blah BrothersBand The Blues Blah Brothers South East EnglandSouth East, England
for more than 20 years the blues blah brothers have been providing the very best in entertainment, upholding the great blues brothers name. with a full line-up this tribute is one of the originals! ke...
Last updated: 02/07/2009

the countrys first jukebox band.we cover rock covers from artists such as fleetwood mac,foo fighters,ratm,ac/​dc,black crowes,rolling stones etc etc.check out www.clonetheband.co.uk for videos/​recordin...
Last updated: 02/07/2009

The InsultsMidlands, England
we are a 5 piece indie/​alternative band from shrewsbury who like to play our own material but can do covers if necessary. we are a band who always make sure we put on a good live show and have played...
Last updated: 02/07/2009

street credOhio OH, USA
we are a local group i have performed at peabodies in cleveland and on the beach in clearwattr fl...
Last updated: 02/07/2009

Momma`s In The KitchenBand Momma`s In The Kitchen Midlands EnglandMidlands, England
momma`s in the kitchen are a four piece blues/​rock outfit from coventry... stomping the coventry circuit into shape for the last eighteen months, they have gained quite a following. with more hooks,...
Last updated: 02/07/2009

PsychedelicNorth, Scotland
energetic live indie band that will get the crowd going for sure, played gigs before, 9 of our own songs which made the crwd sweat mega beads...
Last updated: 01/07/2009

The IrasciblesBand The Irascibles South WalesSouth, Wales
bluesabilly band playing a heady mix of own material and 50s and 60s covers...
Last updated: 01/07/2009

Unlock JetpackMidlands, England
were two guys age 15/​16 ish playing together in the oxfordshire area. i play some sexy bass and write a lot of the lyrics and that and my friend plays sick fucking guitar. looking for anyone musically...
Last updated: 01/07/2009

yesterday againSouth East, England
young, teenage, energetic band looking for gigs in the london/​ kent area. check the website for more details....
Last updated: 01/07/2009

FunkstarMidlands, England
two female vocalists, drummer, bass and lead guitar. we play a wide range of music but add our funked up style to it :o) en vogue, chilli peppers, heart, etc......
Last updated: 01/07/2009

O.r.c.Band O.r.c. California CA USACalifornia CA, USA
we are a mainly acoustic group with something i like to call `opportunist rock`- basically, we started playing with what we had at the time. i can safely say that when we buy an echo pedal, you will h...
Last updated: 01/07/2009

praying mantisSouth East, England
praying mantis are a well established band of melodic hard rockers. they were formed by brothers tino and chris troy in the mid 70`s and together with `iron maiden`, they spearheaded the nwobhm (new w...
Last updated: 30/06/2009

13642 Bands Found     Page 436 of 683 

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