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Find a Band, Wedding Bands, Rock Bands, Tribute Bands. - Support Live Music.
Find a Band - A free resource to enable Venue, Pub or Club owners and Music Event Organisers to find Bands and Artists. All genres - Rock, Blues, Jazz, County, Folk etc.
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The DalghettiesUK
we`re a three piece alternative group who draw inspiration from the sounds of the eighties - echoing bands like: the smiths, the cure the cult and the stone roses. we have 8 songs together. we offer s...
Last updated: 01/01/2012

Veronica ElaineBand Veronica Elaine California CA USACalifornia CA, USA
hip-soul singer. my sound has been described as: soulful but sexy, modern/​sensual, beautiful & possessing a sound full of comfort!!...
Last updated: 31/12/2011

The BrassketeersUK
led by award winning trombonist andy derrick the brassketeers is a dynamic brass quartet that shares it love music from monteverdi to madness and lassus to lady gaga. typical performance venue have in...
Last updated: 31/12/2011

ReloadSouth West, England
5 piece covers band bringing classic & modern rock with a fantastic sound, attitude & attention to detail....
Last updated: 31/12/2011

The Blandford BeatUK
we`ve got a rocking and rolling party night ahead and you`re welcome to get on board the love train! excellent and experienced musicians who want to make your night a pleasure, able to bring the tempo...
Last updated: 30/12/2011

Takes one to know one.South, Wales
we are a young teenage band, who enjoy making music. we have a facebook page. have a look....
Last updated: 30/12/2011

Penny Lane Beatles/Sixties TributeSouth, Scotland
penny lane are an experienced, top class beatles/​sixties tribute band, based in glasgow/​edinburgh. they have been entertaining scottish audiences for the last 15 years with their musical talent, and f...
Last updated: 30/12/2011

The ExtrasNorth West, England
the extras play razor sharp, guitar driven rhythm and blues: a reprise of the proto-punk pub rock of the mid to late seventies....
Last updated: 30/12/2011

Kutashe & Ogyah BandGhana
we are seven piece band,based in ghana under the support of alliance francaise, ghana.the group is known by it`s contemporary african rhythm called kusuntu beat.is a fusion from african traditional,...
Last updated: 30/12/2011

AbroadWyoming WY, USA
lead vocals - trey bass/​backup vocals - kody drummer - jake guitarist - ben & evan...
Last updated: 30/12/2011

The Hallways.South East, England
make of us what you will visit our website for live dates, news and free downloads! www.thehallways.co.uk...
Last updated: 30/12/2011

AmakartusSouth Africa
we play metal...
Last updated: 29/12/2011

GodHammerBand GodHammer Oregon OR USAOregon OR, USA
godhammer is a west coast progressive thrash metal band founded in 2008 by lead guitarist jeff roy and drummer mark turner. with the addition of bassist jay cook in 2009. the passion and drive in t...
Last updated: 29/12/2011

Run 4 CoverNorth East, England
fun & exciting rock covers band playing throughout yorkshire. looking for a great night out, then come and see us at a venue near you. check out our site and gig dates at run4cover.co.uk all private p...
Last updated: 28/12/2011

Tarmac CatsNorth East, England
we are a 5 piece female fronted live rock band playing covers ranging from rolling stones, blondie, smashing pumpkins, greenday, alannis morrisette etc...
Last updated: 28/12/2011

WigwamSouth East, England
1970`s glam rock band, playing great songs by slade, t rex, mud, david bowie, sweet and much more. with our shiny suits, platform boots we take you back to the days of glam with a bang!!!! great stom...
Last updated: 28/12/2011

JigeryFolkeryBand JigeryFolkery Midlands EnglandMidlands, England
folk rock band: 4 piece. songs by the pogues, waterboys, steve earle, plus plenty of jigs and reels on the banjo. line-up, guitar, bass drums, mandolin/​banjo/​highland bagpipes and 4 vocals....
Last updated: 28/12/2011

Coventry wedding bands AmplifiedBand Coventry wedding bands Amplified Midlands EnglandMidlands, England
there are dozens of reasons why amplified are the perfect choice for your live wedding entertainment! here are just a few… great live wedding band first and foremost, amplified are a great live weddi...
Last updated: 28/12/2011

we are a post hardcore/​ rock band from worthing who formed in march 2011 and have spent a lot of time writing and now we feel as if we are able to start gigging. http:/​/​www.facebook.com/​l.php?u=​http%...
Last updated: 28/12/2011

Del Rio RamblersNorth West, England
5 piece band playing authentic rockabilly country and hillbilly bop featuring fiddle /​ dog house bass /​ lead guitar /​ steel guitar /​ guitar and lead vocals recently played a session for the bbc...
Last updated: 27/12/2011

13640 Bands Found     Page 158 of 682 

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