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synthetic scar Members: 4 synthetic scar band released their debut album named `single casualty` under the label `slušaj najglasnije /​ listen loudest` and includes 12 songs. recording, mixing and mastering were done by: filip...(Whole) Croatia Last updated: 28/03/2013
soul craft Members: 3 soul craft formed in 2006 with andre love playing drums and singing the lead vocal. three years later, with a new lineup, and new idea, they have come on to the scene with attitude and purpose. blowi...Virginia VA USA Last updated: 21/02/2009
Band The Insensitives Oregon OR USAThe Insensitives Members: 4 a variety cover band. from bruno mars to kc and the sunshine band...Oregon OR USA Last updated: 16/05/2014
The Insanity Members: 5 we are a 5 piece rock band based in cyprus with a young female vocalist who is unbelievable...(Whole) Greece Last updated: 27/04/2010
Band The Motown Years (Whole) UKThe Motown Years Members: 6 ‘the motown years’ are the uk’s premier motown and soul band. they are fronted by two superb girl vocalists and the band members have worked with people as diverse as gary barlow, sister sledge, and r...(Whole) UK Last updated: 19/05/2013
Insight to Injury Members: 4 mixture of both guitar based and piano based music. youth members....South East England Last updated: 25/02/2008
Gallons to Ounces Members: 3 we are gallons to ounces, a group from montgomery county, maryland, just outside of dc. we mix funk, rock, jazz, soul, blues and hip hop in to a fresh sound with various instrumentalists, vocalists, a...District of Columbia DC USA Last updated: 18/02/2009
Band Bigtopp South West EnglandBigtopp Members: 8 bigtopp are an 8 piece rock/​reggae outfit from portsmouth. (​bigtoppband). the band has played just over 150 shows around the uk supporting acts such as: spunge, catch 22, streetlight...South West England Last updated: 12/09/2010
Band Glyn Davies Band (Whole) UKGlyn Davies Band Members: 4 fronted by singer/​songwriter/​keyboardist & poet glyn davies the band play experimental/​alternative/​progressive rock with some classic covers. glyn is a seasoned professional originally from the south-...(Whole) UK Last updated: 19/07/2010
Massacre of the Megafauna Members: 5 once, mighty beasts lumbered across prehistoric landmasses, colossal and dominating, until an hitherto dormant force - humankind, unleashed the sanguinary devastation of their tools without restraint…...North East England Last updated: 08/05/2010
Peel Your Own Spuds Members: 6 peel your own spuds are the new faces on the folk/​irish scene in the uk. the band was formed just over a year ago and evolved out of a large irish community in newport, south wales and therefore has a...South Wales Last updated: 16/03/2010
Fighting Shadows Members: 4 fighting shadows are a 4 piece band from south warwickshire who play a mix of original songs and contemporary covers. the band are jon hudson on guitar and vocals, adam woollacott on vocals, jake smit...(Whole) UK Last updated: 06/05/2010
Nigeria Blonde Members: 2 covers and originals (depending on venue). cover material from motown/​60`s up to artists such as kings of leon, paloma faith, noisettes, queen, killers etc...South West England Last updated: 25/01/2011
Band The Ambivalent Complex North West EnglandThe Ambivalent Complex Members: 6 alternative 6 piece metal band, not bound by current genre`s, songs vary from melodic riff`s to pure grinding mosh-heavy tunes, but most off all we love performing and creating as much fun as possible...North West England Last updated: 07/09/2007
odeprot Members: 4 uprising alternative rock band...Virginia VA USA Last updated: 19/01/2010
Johnny And The Rays Members: 4 50`s & 60`s cover band...South East England Last updated: 17/09/2010
Cocktail Members: 3 three piece with a six piece sound to make your function, wedding, party bash a success....Midlands England Last updated: 29/09/2006
Evidence Based Members: 5 pop /​ rock cover band...North East England Last updated: 10/07/2012
Bronx Zoo Members: 4 a funky 4 piece punk/​rock band up for any great gigs. talent is far greater than the gigs they have been getting recently. locally they are well know and were getting to be quite a familiar face in a...South East England Last updated: 29/09/2008
Band The Furious Sound Agenda (Whole) UKThe Furious Sound Agenda Members: 4 original music that blends dreamy melodies with edgy guitar rock. classic underground indie-pop sensibilities combined with thrill-seeking attention deficits add up to songs that make you feel like yo...(Whole) UK Last updated: 10/12/2011
13615 Bands Found     Page 1 of 681 


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